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adventures in punctuation

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Birthdate:Jan 29
Location:United States of America
Character Sheet for Campaign: KH Fandom

Name: Casey
Age: 28
Race: Human
Class: Fanfic Author
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Skills: Fangirl, Find Converse, Walk and Chew Gum, Symbiosis with Computer, Wax Nostalgic, Drive Land Vehicle, Search Fic Archives, Crossplay, Write.
Curses: -1 to Turn in Right Direction rolls
Feats: Grammar Nazi Smash, Implode Fandom (minor)
Legacy Items: Laptop (1, +2 to all writing checks), Ball-Jointed Dolls (4, -1 ea. Save vs. Cute), Toyota Corolla CE, gold (1, +2 to all driving checks ex. Turn in Right Direction)
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